Laminate Care & Maintenance

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preventative maintenance

Laminate floors may be tough, but they still need preventative maintenance to keep them healthy and beautiful. Placing door mats at entryways is an easy way to reduce the amount of dust and dirt being tracked across your floors, and furniture pads can keep your floors safe from dents and scrapes. 

Laminate Care & Maintenance

regular care

For regular cleaning, you should sweep, dust mop, or vacuum at least once a week. You may want to clean more frequently in high-traffic areas where dirt and dust are more likely to be tracked. Make sure to use a soft-bristle or hard floor attachment on your vacuum, not the beater bar. 

cleaning spills

Wipe up spills with a manufacturer-approved floor cleaner applied to a cloth as soon as they happen. Avoid soap-based detergents and steam cleaners. If you're not sure about your cleaner, consult your manufacturer's guide. 


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