Planning A Project

From budgeting to installation

Plan Your Next Project

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Planning a home improvement project takes more than purchasing new floors and scheduling an installation. Start your next project on the right foot with this handy guide.

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Determine your flooring needs

The first step in any project is determining what you need. How many rooms are you flooring? Do you have children or pets? Are you looking to increase your property's resale value? The answers to these questions determines the ideal floor for your home.

Measure your space

Once you know what you need, your next step is to measure the rooms being floored and calculate their areas by multiplying length times width. If you want help from our experts, contact us now to request an estimate.

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project planning

Define your budget

The best way to keep your project on-schedule without breaking the bank is to set a budget and stick to it. Consult our quick guide to define your next flooring project's budget

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