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Carpet FAQs

First think about how the room is used. In high-traffic areas, consider a dense loop pile carpet made of durable nylon. For rooms with outside or pet access, or where food and drinks are often served, you’ll want a low-pile carpet with soil- and stain-resistant treatments, and one that hides the tracks from frequent vacuuming. For low-activity spaces like bedrooms and formal living rooms, a soft, plush Saxony offers luxurious comfort.

Different carpet yarns have varying light reflecting qualities. As carpet pile is pushed in opposing directions ─ typically from foot traffic ─ color casts may appear. You can fix this by sweeping or vacuuming the pile in a uniform direction

When it comes to carpeting and pets, a cut pile is the better choice. Looped pile carpets can snag on pets’ nails, causing yarn to fray, tear or pull out. Looped piles can also be a chewing temptation for some pets.

Hardwood FAQs

Solid hardwood is cut from a single piece of wood. Solid hardwood flooring can be installed above or on grade, but is not recommended for below grade. Engineered hardwood is made from multiple layers consisting of a thick top layer of solid hardwood, an inner core of high density material and a hardwood backing. Engineered wood floors offer superior strength and stability, making them suitable for dampness-prone areas like finished basements and bathrooms.

It’s natural for hardwood flooring to yellow, grow darker or even lighter over time, depending on the wood species. Exposure to direct sunlight and some artificial lighting accelerates this process. Moving furniture and rugs will keep your floor well blended.

You can refinish your hardwood more than once if you opt for solid hardwood over engineered hardwood. A solid hardwood floor, about 3/4” thick, can be refinished about ten times throughout its life. Engineered hardwood can usually only be refinished once. In some cases, it can be refinished up to three times, depending on the thickness of the wood layer.

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