Longboards Cali  North Shore Oak 7902501000

Vinyl Longboards

North Shore Oak

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  • Colors Available
Vinyl Longboards Cali  Tidepool Lagoon 7902500800
Tidepool Lagoon
Vinyl Longboards Cali  Island Maple 7902500300
Island Maple
Longboards Cali  Coastline Cliff 7902501300
Coastline Cliff
Longboards Cali  Reefwood 7902501400
Longboards Cali  Sandbar Oak 7902501500
Sandbar Oak
Longboards Cali  Salty Strand 7902501200
Salty Strand
Longboards Cali  Offshore Oak 7902500400
Offshore Oak
Longboards Cali  Oceanic Oak 7902500500
Oceanic Oak
Longboards Cali  Osprey Oak 7902500600
Osprey Oak
Longboards Cali  Point Break Pine 7902500700
Point Break Pine
Longboards Cali  Seaboard Oak 7902500900
Seaboard Oak
Longboards Cali  North Shore Oak 7902501000
North Shore Oak
Longboards Cali  Windswell Hickory 7902501100
Windswell Hickory
Longboards Cali  Whitewater Oak 7902500200
Whitewater Oak

Product Attributes

CollectionVinyl Longboards
ColorNorth Shore Oak
Surface TypeHiFi® Imaging with embossed in register (EIR) grain
ApplicationResidential, Commercial
Size9" x 70-7/8"
LookHiFi Imaging™ with light wood grain
Installation MethodFloating, Glue Down
Warranty50 Year Residential Warranty / 15 Year Commercial Warranty
Description100% waterproof & simple to clean in any room|Easy, DIY installation right out of the box with no nails or glue|Protective wear layer helps prevent scratches